Getting Started

  • What is Vivrelle?

    Glad you asked! Vivrelle is a members-only club providing access to coveted designer handbags, jewelry, watches and diamonds for a monthly membership fee. Membership is separated into four closet tiers - Premier ($45/month + tax), Classique ($119/month + tax), Couture ($219/month + tax), and Couture+ ($309/month + tax).

    Learn more by visiting our How it Works page.

  • What does Vivrelle mean? How did it come to be?

    Vivrelle [’vivrel] is derived from two French words: “vivre” meaning “to live” and “elle” meaning, “she.” With Paris being the epicenter of fashion, we infused that legacy into our brand by creating a name – and a club – that focuses on making women feel alive.

  • How do I apply to be a member of Vivrelle?

    We're excited to potentially have you as a member of the Vivrelle community! Click “Apply/Login” at the top right corner of the Vivrelle homepage to apply. Once we receive your application, our team will review to ensure we're a good match for one another. You can learn more about this process in our Terms and Conditions.

  • How much does it cost to join Vivrelle?

    Applying to Vivrelle is cost-free! When you apply, you'll pick which of our four closets you'd like to access - Premier ($45/month + tax), Classique ($119/month + tax), Couture ($219/month + tax), and Couture+ ($309/month + tax).

  • What is the difference between the four memberships?

    Vivrelle is separated into four closets: Classique, Couture and Couture+.

    • Premier ($45/month): Borrow one (1) item per month from a collection of jewelry with an estimated retail value up to $1,000 and select handbags. Premier can also be added to any of the existing memberships plans.
    • Classique ($119/month): Borrow one (1) item per month with an estimated retail value under $4,000.
    • Couture ($219/month): Borrow one (1) item per month with an estimated retail value over $4,000. This also includes rare, unique and limited edition pieces.
    • Couture+ ($309/month): Borrow two (2) items at a time: one (1) item from the Classique closet and one (1) item from the Couture closet.
  • How long can I keep my item for?

    To provide the most value to our members, we ask that you keep items for a minimum of 30 days, but you are able to keep them for as long as you would like!

  • Can I pre-reserve an item for when I need it?

    We know things come up last minute, but our items are only available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • I am a Classique member. Why can't I borrow Couture and Couture+ items?

    You are only able to borrow items from the closet associated with your membership, but upgrading your membership is easy and we encourage it! Click here to upgrade.

  • Why do you require a three month minimum membership?

    Vivrelle is built on loyalty. Having a three month minimum ensures we are building a community of members who want to wear and experience a variety of luxury accessories from our closet versus joining for one-time use.

  • What is Premier? Why should I add it to my existing membership?

    Premier provides members with the option to borrow jewelry with a retail price up to $1,000 or select handbags for just $45/month. Members also have the ability to add this tier to any existing membership plan, to experience an additional item per month!

  • How are bags selected to be included in the Premier closet?

    The Premier closet includes items that offer additional value to other tiers, items either at a lower price point or that complement your look as a second or third option.

    Click here to complete your look by adding Premier to your existing membership!

Our Closet

Coverage & Shipping

  • Where do you ship?

    Vivrelle currently ships within the United States. We hope to ship internationally soon!

  • How much does shipping cost?

    For you? Nothing! The cost of standard shipping and returns for your items are included in your monthly membership fee.

    If you'd like to get your item faster, select one of our expedited shipping options during checkout. We offer FedEx 2-Day and Overnight options for an added fee, which is charged to your card on file.

    Email us at for additional information on shipping and processing times.

  • How long does it take to receive an item?

    All deliveries are sent via FedEx standard express shipping unless an alternative shipping method is selected during checkout. We offer FedEx 2-Day and Overnight options for an added fee, which is charged to your card on file. If you are based in New York City, feel free to reach out to us to coordinate a same-day pickup from our Midtown location!

    Shipping and processing timelines are as follows:

    • Standard Shipping
      • Orders placed Monday through Thursday prior to 1pm ET will be processed within 24 hours
      • Orders placed after 1pm ET on Friday will be shipped out the following Monday
    • Expedited Shipping
      • The cut off for expedited shipping (i.e. FedEx 2-Day and Overnight) orders is 1pm ET Monday - Thursday

    Email us at for additional information on shipping and processing times.

  • How do I track an item I've borrowed?

    Your tracking number can be found on your "My Account" page.

  • How do I return the items I'm borrowing?

    When you are ready to place an item back in Vivrelle's closet, simply pack it up and return it with the shipping label included in your original package.

  • I lost my return label. How do I get a new one?

    If you need a new return label, you can reprint one directly from your account page, or click here.

  • What if I damage an item?
    • Your membership fee includes a base coverage policy; however, you have the option to upgrade your policy for $18/month* when you select your monthly membership.
      • Base Policy: Covers normal wear or tear. Should an item be returned in severely damaged condition, you are responsible for paying a deductible based on the cost for Vivrelle to fix or replace the item.
      • Upgraded Policy: Should an item have accidental damage beyond normal wear or tear, you are covered.
    • Under both policies, you must be in the care, custody and control of your item at all times.
    • The only place an accessory can be left unattended is in your residence or hotel room.
    • If the item is not returned and you terminate your membership, you are responsible for paying the members price of the item back to Vivrelle. See more detail in our Membership Agreement.
    • If your item has been stolen, please contact us at Coverage is subject to our insurance policy and terms and conditions.

Account Services

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