What if I damage an item?

  • Your membership fee includes a base coverage policy; however, you have the option to upgrade your policy for $18/month* when you select your monthly membership.
    • Base Policy: Covers normal wear or tear. Should an item be returned in severely damaged condition, you are responsible for paying a deductible based on the cost for Vivrelle to fix or replace the item.
    • Upgraded Policy: Should an item have accidental damage beyond normal wear or tear, you are covered.
  • Under both policies, you must be in the care, custody and control of your item at all times.
  • The only place an accessory can be left unattended is in your residence or hotel room.
  • If the item is not returned and you terminate your membership, you are responsible for paying the members price of the item back to Vivrelle. See more detail in our Membership Agreement.
  • If your item has been stolen, please contact us at membership@vivrelle.com. Coverage is subject to our insurance policy and terms and conditions.

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